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[ this is archived news from 2013-11-12 ]
Today we are pleased to release NTHUSIM version 3.4!

What's new in this release?

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Blends added to single channel setups
  • Global kill switch: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F10

[h3]Support for Windows 8.1[/h3]
Windows 8.1 is cool and NTHUSIM is cool. Now they can be cool together! NTHUSIM v3.4 has support for Windows 8.1!

[h3]Blends added to single channel setups[/h3]
So you want to have a single channel, but you want to blend it.

Here's the deal: You bring the content, NTHUSIM will deliver the blend.

It's a great deal. All you have to do is make sure that you have content that has the overlaps in it. Of course, if you're using NTHUSIM Plus on a multi-channel PC it generates the overlaps for you. But if you want to go commando and you've got the content, then the deal is on! Deal?

[h3]Global kill switch[/h3]: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F10
Sgt Pinky was taking fire. That wasn't the worst of it. The narrow path ahead was set to deliver a punishing blow. A quick glance at his health bar told him everything he needed: Abort. ABORT!

Sgt Pinky reached for the keys... Alt.. Ctrl.. Shift.. F10. BAM! NTHUSIM disengaged warping and blending.

It didn't help Sgt Pinky. But if you ever have a situation where the screen isn't working the way you want and you want to disable NTHUSIM, you've got an option. It's easy to remember and hard to press: hold down Alt,Ctrl, and Shift. Then press the F10 key.
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