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How to optimize games for NTHUSIM products.

Postby Triple 7FlightSim » Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:40 pm

Hi Brad
I need your advice, re the above, I have tried to get both flight sims stretched across 3 projectors, using matrox triplehead2go digital edition, windows 7 64bit,
and a nvidia GTX780TI graphics card, with the latest drivers. FSX works perfectly. When you start the above sims, in full screen where the projectors cross over they are not "Blended" and there is no red mouse pointer (like in FSX). Nthusim is configuared and minimized to the task bar. Any thoughts and help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Postby BHawthorne » Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:52 am

Which Nvidia driver version is being used? Try both sims with Nthusim and go into the Tools menu of NTHUSIM and open up the diagnostics log. My guess is the Nvidia driver is interfering somehow. Email the log to me and I'll have the software engineers look it over. The new things like Nvidia Experience, Shadowplay and Nvidia background streaming service are all new things that might mess with Nthusim. We need to investigate what the driver is doing behind the scenes and make 100% sure it's working right.

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