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Postby matnor » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:04 am


I just wanted to ask the community how you would setup the configuration I have.

DCS World
Two projectors
One touch screen
One computer (with everything connected) (controls, projectors, touch screen)

I have a curved screen, about 4 meters in diameter on which the projectors are projected. NTHUSIM does edge blending and warping so that I have a corrected view.

As I understand the thing with high FOV from the games/simulators is that you will have a "fish eye" effect. I can see this with P3D and with DCS World. So I have played around with the internal cameras, but without luck. So far I have only flown with the fisheye effect.

Also; I would like to achieve the following: I would like to have the HUD shown in the center of the main screen (the two projectors combined on an Eyefinity display) [highlight=]and [/highlight]the cockpit instruments/MFDs shown on the touch screen (using a second camera). In that case I have place the touch screen in front of me to display the MDFs/instruments and the out the window camera(s) to show the out the window display.

What I have been able to do is to have ONE camera display the out the window display camera in front of me on the main Eyefinity group (3x1, two projectors and one touch screen) AND then the exported instruments etc on the touch screen. The, using HELIOS, I could interface with the simulator (while presenting the MFDs on the underlying touch screen). This is not working very well for me as Helios is not working well and I have problems with the touch screen in this configuration.

Please help. How would you setup DCS World to provide the out the window picture on the projection system?
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Postby BHawthorne » Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:17 pm

The multi-camera expert for DCS World would be PeterP on the Eagle Dynamics forums. He can work out the needed display lua scripting so it'll work. I don't get super detailed in my testing of DCS World and Nthusim other than making sure both interact well together without conflicts. The_Nephilim is also used to DCS World and has a lot more seat time than I do in it. His particular setup is triple projector.

For P3D 2.4, as far as I know you can still edit the camera scripting in the cfg file to minimize the fisheye. It's something that I really need to dig more into myself. I've been running P3D just ignoring the fisheye with a single camera view on my setup for the last few years. There are others on the forums here that are more expert than I am on the camera script editing for P3D. Most of those people only frequent when they need license re-activation though. I'm thinking the best bet would be to try the AVSIM forums for P3D to get the best camera assistance.

I'm happy to help with anything I have background in, but when I'm not sure about something I prefer to defer to others with more experience. I'm a bit at a loss when it comes to DCS World and P3D custom cameras.
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Postby The_Nephilim » Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:24 pm

The Above Link is going to be a big help. and if you need more help Post in that thread Im sure others more knowledable then myself with external screens are sure to help out..

I use a Triplescreen setup with NVidia 3D Surround.. I use 1 Camera in DCSW Oprions with a 4 ratio.. I do not notice to much a fish eye because I use 1 camera probally..

here is a video of it in action:

Watch on

Now that is an older video with the incorrect screen. I had gotten the Proper screen after I made this video as in the video I was using two different screens 1 was the proper width just got damaged in shipping and the other was only 8' and I used it in fron of the 10 damaged screen.. but I think you get the idea..

If you would like me to make a more recent video just let me know Ill make one up here are the modules I have:

1. FC3
2. KA-50
3. F-86F
4. UH-1H Huey
5. Mig-21Bis
6. TF-51

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