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Postby matnor » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:52 am


I just wanted to ask the community how you would setup the configuration I have.

Two projectors
One image generator (IG) computer (for the two projectors)
One "master" Prepar3d computer

On the IG I have OPUS FSI Client running to run the camera. On the master computer I have OPUS FSI Server to run the FSI clients.
On the master computer I have the instruments/cockpit view and this is also the system which controls the flight (yoke, pedals, throttle quadrant etc).

I have a curved screen, about 4 meters in diameter on which the projectors are projected. NTHUSIM does edge blending and warping so that I have a corrected view.

As I understand the thing with high FOV from the games/simulators is that you will have a "fish eye" effect. I can see this with P3D and with DCS World. So I have played around with the internal cameras, but without luck. So far I have only flown with the fisheye effect.

However, I have tested a program called Prepp3d Views (AVSIM) which helps out.

Please help. How would you setup Prepar3d to provide the out the window picture on the projection system?
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